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From Tent to Homes: The Day Syrian Children Moved To Their Newly-Built Homes

Everything seems different this morning; the expressions on people’s faces, their concerns, and their feeling of the breeze that moves the leaves. Today is the time for their suffering to end; the time for tears to disappear and be replaced with smiles. …

Hiba, When Sewing Threads Become Your Shelter

In a muddy yard, Hiba  holds a spool of white thread. At first, you might think the little girl is about to make a kite to run after in the camp. You would also imagine her drown in laughter and joy. But in fact, these threads are Hiba’s  only “shield” to survive….

The Dream Factory: Syrian students Keep Dreaming Of Better Tomorrow in A Tent-School”

Here, there is neither a board to write the Arabic alphabet on, nor walls, nor paintings of the sun whose rays fall on children’s swings. Until recently, there were no desks either. The classroom floor is covered with pebbles that hurt children’s feet….

The Bleak Life of Nadeem

In a dark market in northern Syria, where living difficulties cast a shadow on the faces of people, Nadeem Abdul-Qader carries a teapot, stares well at it against a dim light to make sure that the luster of metal ware is enough for customers to appreciate his work….

“Egypt’s Travelling Storyteller Brings Tales and Joy to the Countryside’s Children

Surrounded by children of all ages, with their eyes fixed on him, Haitham Shoukry, a young Egyptian storyteller, can make their imagination go wild with his charming words and captivating tales….

The Empty School Desk

October 20 would have been a normal day; Omar and Ali got dressed, carried on their school backpacks, and left their home in Ariha, a town in Idlib countryside, starting their journey to school.