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When Sewing Threads Become Your Shelter: Use your VR goggles

In a muddy yard, Hiba holds a spool of white thread. At first, you might think the little girl is about to make a kite to run after in the camp. You would also imagine her drown in laughter and joy. But in fact, these threads are Hiba’s only “shield” to survive.

Tent Schools Better than Nothing: Displaced Syrian Children Insist on Education

From inside a cloth tent, erected on muddy ground, rise sounds full of life despite a surrounding that calls for nothing but despair. Here, alphabetic letters are written and erased; numbers are added and subtracted; songs resound, and dreams are drawn on notebooks’ pages….


The day my feet were amputated: when rockets deprived Syrian children of their their limbs

The day my feet were amputated: when rockets deprived Syrian children of their most precious things: their limbs. …

Rahaf: I Was Forced to Marry My Brother-in-Law After My Sister’s Death

“Two years and five months have passed since my sister Raghad died. She died immediately after delivering her baby. She was only 14 years old,” said Rahaf, a Yemeni girl, “I was three years younger, yet my father decided to marry me to my 50-year-old brother-in-law to let me take care of my newborn nephew. Thus, I got married although I opposed the idea.”…

Raghad’s Story: From Wedding to Grave

Shedding tears for her poor child, who passed away immediately after delivering her baby, Raghad’s mother never expected that her little girl’s marriage would end like this. “I wish she had realized my anger and quarrels with her father before that marriage,” said the grieving mother.


Here I spend my whole day working

An estimated 2.4 million children are out of school in Syria and another 1.6 million children are at risk of dropping out.

Samir is one of them….