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Here I spend my whole day working

An estimated 2.4 million children are out of school in Syria and another 1.6 million children are at risk of dropping out.

Samir is one of them….

Scan and watch: Jana and the room of her dreams

To watch Jana’s story from Syria All you need is:

  • To  scan the QR codes with your mobile phone,  and point your phone anywhere in your room, and you’ll find yourself listening to her story.
  • Or: You can just click on a link attached to each article.

Syrian sisters are using rap to send a message to the world

Hiba* and Rama* are normal sisters. They bicker, they talk over one another, they laugh at each other. But they’re also refugees. They’re activists. Oh, and they’re rappers….

Autistic children are talented and creative. Lebanese “Jad” is an example

Although she is only seventeen years old, Lebanese girl Karla Bou Zeidan speaks about autism with the same intense passion as that of researchers who have spent years conducting studies about it….

Three-Kilometer Walk to School

The long way to school. Join the students in the daily long walk for a better future, Three-Kilometer Walk to School  in North Syria Put on the VR headset and join us….

When Sewing Threads Become Your Shelter: Use your VR goggles

In a muddy yard, Hiba holds a spool of white thread. At first, you might think the little girl is about to make a kite to run after in the camp. You would also imagine her drown in laughter and joy. But in fact, these threads are Hiba’s only “shield” to survive.