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Who We Are?

Tiny Hand is an independent digital media platform that uses visual storytelling to relate the stories of children in conflict and crisis zones.

We cover children’s suffering and the impact of war on them, using different tools of technology, including “interactive stories, 360 features”, and animated videos.”

Tiny Hand covers inspiring stories of children from all over the world.

Why Tiny Hand?

We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstone of human progress and prosperity.

We started our project by providing a worldwide audience with stories from Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Morocco, Bangladesh, and other parts of the world.

Our goal is to document 1,000,000 stories of Tiny Hands from around the world.

We believe that every article must feed the mind and move the heart.

We believe that the need for independent journalism has never been greater and we respect our readers’ time and intelligence.

Our aim is to create a space on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter where the audience can read our stories and also share their children’s stories with us.

How do we cover stories about children?

In Tiny Hand, we highly respect children’s privacy and confidentiality. We recognize the major challenges facing media professionals dealing with such essential ethics. Our work is therefore guided by an important guide by UNICEF, titled “Principles for Ethical Reporting on Children”, and strictly follow the guidelines of “Save the Children”, a non-profit U.K.-based fund.

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About Us

Hadeel Arja

Founder, Executive Director


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Co Founder, Creative director


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Product Thinker

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Translation consultant


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Badreddin Dardour

Creative Consultant

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