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4 actions to help end child labour and build a fair economy

Child labour is not just a historical problem but also an ongoing one. It is still depriving children of their childhoods, limiting their access to education, shortening their life expectancy, and perpetuating poverty….

Life a ‘waking nightmare’ for 12 million children in Yemen

“Over 80 per cent of people require urgent humanitarian assistance and protection. Including 12 million children, whose lives are a waking nightmare….

Child labour doesn’t have to be exploitation: it gave me life skills

Aged eight, Tayambile would walk with her mother every day to fetch water. On her 2km return journey in 30C heat, she would carry 20 litres in an aluminium bucket on her head….

M. Salah: The world’s displaced children risk losing out on a quality education

Around the world, Covid-19 has closed schools and universities. It has emptied offices, hotels, stadiums, cafes, museums and cinemas – almost everywhere we used to gather….

The most precious gift: A healthy child

Goodwill Ambassadors Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom share this message the world:…

Five years on from Alan Kurdi’s death, it’s time to treat refugees with humanity

Remember the image? A three-year-old dead child, Alan Kurdi, in a red T-shirt and blue shorts, shoes still on, …