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Tiny Hand

Two Little Syrian Sisters Die In Tent Fire In Search For Warmth

In his soot-blackened hands, Nour El-Din stood stunned and speechless, holding and staring at what is left of a pink coat. A short time ago, this coat was on the body of a little girl, whose heart shivered of cold in a snow-buried tent….

The Dream Factory: Syrian students Keep Dreaming Of Better Tomorrow in A Tent-School”

Here, there is neither a board to write the Arabic alphabet on, nor walls, nor paintings of the sun whose rays fall on children’s swings. Until recently, there were no desks either. The classroom floor is covered with pebbles that hurt children’s feet….

With Two Animated Films, Tinyhand Participate in Virtual Exhibition on Syria

In five halls, an art exhibition, titled “The Reigning Shades of Syria”, showcased the most important photographs, paintings and videos t…

The Bleak Life of Nadeem

In a dark market in northern Syria, where living difficulties cast a shadow on the faces of people, Nadeem Abdul-Qader carries a teapot, stares well at it against a dim light to make sure that the luster of metal ware is enough for customers to appreciate his work….

Winter is the worst season for refugees, Here is why!

The tents tell their stories …

“Stolen Childhood: The Victims of “Legalized” Child Marriage in the Arab World”

Feeling helpless with tears pouring down her face, an Iraqi mother held her mobile phone and went live addressing the audience on social media, begging everyone to help her in her ordeal….