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Little boy draws hope in North West Syria

Jana: School was my escape, now I don’t have anywhere else to go.

Jana* lives with her parents and two brothers in a small one-bedroom apartment in northern Lebanon. Her father is the breadwinne…

Syria: Back to school

Syria: Back to school …

Child Marriage in Afghanistan

“Many Afghan girls are not even informed when they will get married and to whom,” says Telma Azimi, a 24-year-old artist in Afghanistan….

Children in Yemen paint a flower mural on the walls of a destroyed school

A drawing workshop was held with children in Southwestern Yemen as part of the Flowers for Children campaign….

The Journey of Farah to Continue Her Education

After Farah’s injury, surgeons did their best to restore the severed part of her leg. However, this left her with a shorter leg, which became an obstacle to her movement….