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“The Call of My Heart”: Austrian Photographer Brings Aid and Joy to Syrian Refugee Children

The Caravan of Humanity, an Austrian non-government organization, brings aid, warmth and joy to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon before wintertime….

Yemen’s long civil war is forcing parents to choose which children to save from starvation

His children were starving, and now his two youngest were sick – their tiny bodies burning with fever, their emaciated chests straining for breath. Mohammed’s pockets were empty and a trip to the hospital, three hours away, would cost more than he had made in months….

‘People felt threatened even by a puppet refugee’: Little Amal’s epic walk through love and fear

From being pelted with stones in Greece to receiving a papal welcome in Rome, the giant girl’s migrant trek from Syria to Manchester provoked powerful responses…

Have You Ever Heard about the “Yemeni Circus” in Sana’a? Here Are the Full Details

They started rehearsing in the ruined roads and on the different pavements of the Yemeni city of Sana’a. Neither did the ongoing war nor the scarcity or absence of resources prevent them from fulfilling their dreams and founding a circus in Yemen. …

‘Parents are dressing up their children to be buried’: Syria’s war on young escalates

Amid the rubble of bombed homes in Binnish, a town in north-west Syria, a brightly painted mural stands out. The image shows an intact house, with love hearts streaming from the windows. Overhead, however, the dark silhouettes of birds are accompanied by helicopters, warplanes and missiles, and the garden’s red and yellow flowers look like flames….

Nahla, the Little Syria Girl in Chains, Dies of Starvation and Torture

Do you love your father? Yes, I do. What does he do to you? He ties and beats me! It is a video which is a few seconds long. It had followed the murder of the five-year old Nahla Othman who lived in a refugee camp in Syria. …