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From the world’s largest refugee camp: ‘Everything is burnt to ashes’

Halima, 37, was inside her shelter in the Kutupalong camp with her five young children when the sound of people screaming drew her outside….

How One Malawi Chief Saved Hundreds of Girls From Child Marriage

Theresa Kachindamoto didn’t expect to become one of Malawi’s Senior Chiefs. She’s the youngest of 12 siblings and a mother of 5. But she also has chieftain blood. Theresa was content, living in the small city of Zomba and working as a secretary at the local college. Then one day she was told to pack her bags and come home to Monkey Bay – she’d been made Senior Chief of Dedza District….

Mystery of sleeping refugee children who shut down in coma-like state

For nearly two decades Sweden has been battling a mysterious illness. Called Resignation Syndrome, it affects only the children of asylum-seekers, who withdraw completely, ceasing to walk or talk, or open their eyes. Eventually they recover. But why does this only seem to occur in Sweden?…

Lebanon: Torture of Syrian refugees arbitrarily detained on counter-terror charges

Lebanese security forces have committed shocking violations against Syrian refugees who have been arrested, often arbitrarily, on terrorism-related charges….

These 10 Countries in Conflict Are the Worst Places to Be a Child

Did you know: 415 million children worldwide are right now living in war zones and areas of conflict? That’s almost 18% – or 1 in 6 – of all the world’s children according to Save the children….

In Syria : 90% of children need support

The war in Syria has left the lives and futures of a generation of children hanging by a thread, UNICEF warned today, as the conflict nears the 10-year mark. The situation for many children and families remains precarious, …