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Why Children Need to Hear Refugee Stories?

Hearing individual refugee stories makes children more compassionate toward new arrivals….


We simply can’t turn our backs on vulnerable refugee children

By: Alf Dubs …


Nearly 7 Million Displaced Children Face Freezing Weather

New analysis reveals an estimated 6.9 million children who have been forced from their homes across parts of Europe….


Leo Messi: They don’t have to die, but they DO

UNICEF Ambassador Leo Messi …


‘Don’t Cry … I’m Here’ dolls welcome arrived refugee

A Twin Cities nonprofit has, for the past 2 years, provided more than 500 newly arrived refugees and asylum-seeking children…


Angelina Jolie: What We Owe Refugees

Refugees are people who’ve chosen to leave a conflict. They pull themselves and their families through war, and often help rebuild their countries. These are qualities to be admired….