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Displaced and Ill: A Yemeni Girl Helplessly Fights Epilepsy Without Medications

The scourge of Yemen’s war has gone far beyond anyone’s imaginations and has major effects on children and vulnerable groups….

Children Behind Bars in Yemen

On Sunday, June 6th, at 9:30am, Mrs. Fadia – characters’ names have been ch anged to preserve their privacy – was standing in front of the gateway to a place she had gone a long way to reach. The gatekeeper inquired about the reason for her arrival and the purpose of entry while checking a plastic bag, on which a local company advertisement was printed, used for bringing some stuff for the visit….

Have You Ever Heard about the “Yemeni Circus” in Sana’a? Here Are the Full Details

They started rehearsing in the ruined roads and on the different pavements of the Yemeni city of Sana’a. Neither did the ongoing war nor the scarcity or absence of resources prevent them from fulfilling their dreams and founding a circus in Yemen. …

The Little Yemeni Woodchopper: Not Only Wood but Also Dreams Are Axed

Young Khalid works as a woodchopper at a village in Haraz. His chops wood into small pieces from early morning till very late at night. After he finishes cutting the wood, his uncle starts collecting it to sell it in Sana’a. …

Remember This Face, A child From Yemen #their stories

His Name is Hamed and he has a simple dream he wants to share with you…

The Minibus: A Small Mobile Shop Run by a Yemeni Child

Mohamed, the 13-year old child, stands confidently in his small mobile shop …