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From the world’s largest refugee camp: ‘Everything is burnt to ashes’

Halima, 37, was inside her shelter in the Kutupalong camp with her five young children when the sound of people screaming drew her outside….


300 Rohingya Refugees Rescued by Indonesian Fishermen After Months at Sea

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees stranded at sea for more than six months after repeatedly being denied port by regional authorities were rescued on Monday by local fishermen in Aceh, Indonesia, officials said….


The Unexpected Friend: A story dedicated to Rohingya children

writer Raya Rahman and illustrator Inshra Sakhawat Russell worked together on the book, The Unexpected Friend, …


Bangladesh to improve schools for Rohingya refugee children

Bangladesh in partnership with the United Nations will expand educational programs for of Rohingya children …


Unseen wounds in Rohingya refugee crisis

Around 745,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar since violence against the ethnic minority….


Estimated 500,000 Rohingya children being denied an education

According to The international community there are more than half-a-million children…