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Giant refugee puppet to walk from Syria to UK

A giant puppet of a nine-year-old refugee girl will travel 4,971 miles (8,000km) from the Turkey-Syria border through Europe to the UK …


Greece’s Forgotten Child Refugees

Ehsaan, a 16-year-old Pakistani, arrived in Athens in February with no place to stay. “I used to spend all night sitting on the bus while it drove around the city,” said Ehsaan, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, recalling his initial weeks in Greece. “When I called my family, I told them everything was fine, but in truth, I was too afraid to fall asleep at night.”


Jordanian scientist finds winning formula to get kids reading

Dr. Rana Dajani had recently returned to her home country of Jordan in 2006 after five years abroad, when she was struck by an observation that sparked her irrepressible curiosity: why did so few Jordanian children read for pleasure?…


415 million children grow up in war zones

New analysis by Save The Children reveals how conflict affects girls and boys differently:…


Brazil soccer academy wants to bring more Syrians to Brazil

Brazilian soccer academy Pérolas Negras seeks out support to bring more young Syrians from Zaatari refugee camp…


Boarding schools could help refugee children

Bob Finch suggests UK schools could take in unaccompanied refugee children languishing in camps in Greece…