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Video of Girl Reporting Rape by her Paternal Uncle, Neighbor Shocks Moroccans

A video of a girl, aged 13, has shaken the Moroccan society powerfully as she assured, with uncontrollable tears, that she was raped and sexually assaulted by her paternal uncle and a neighbor. …


Crime Shocks Morocco: Murderer, Rapist of Child Adnane Sentenced to Death

“I apologize and want the Moroccan people and Adnane’s parents to know the truth about what happened, so that I can have a clear conscience. I did not rape Adnane, but kidnapped him because I was in need of money….


Child Sends out “Distress Call” on FB Seeking Aid for Villagers in Morocco

“It’s freezing over here. We’re in the mountain and the snowfall is heavy. I feel cold. I want you to bring me a coat, gloves and socks.” With these simple words, the child Abdul Salam was able to draw the Moroccan people’s attention to the miserable living conditions in his remote village. …


A Moroccan photographer documents the happiest moments of the villages’ children

Three years ago, the Moroccan young man, Mohamed Bebloh, took his camera and set off his journey. The first photo he took was for his mother while she was working in her sewing workshop. …


Moroccan nurses celebrate the birthday of a child infected with the COVID-19

It was a day full of celebrations. The nurses, did not miss celebrating the birthday of Alaa, who was infected with the COVID-19….


The video that enraged Moroccans: the child talks about what happened to him and his sheep

The roar of the engine of a car driven madly at high speed burst into child Ayman’s ears while his scared ewes making louder plaintive bleating….