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A Moroccan nurse entertaining his COVID-19 patients

Each day, I see the wandering gazes and the confused looks on their faces asking about the identity of the person hiding behind the medical gown….


From Morocco: My child lost appetite for food and talk What shall I do?

The small girl, Hind, frowned before she hid her head between her knees and remained silent for a long time. She refused to answer the frequent question….


Moroccan child with coronavirus

The mother of Ziyad, 5 years old, has died of coronavirus.
Now, he is being prepared to be admitted to a quarantine center.
The healthcare crew are giving him loud applause so he would not be scared.


An accident that has changed her life: A Moroccan child on a wheelchair

She struggles to move the wheels of her wheelchair and get close to the cars stopping at a traffic light. …


“the Wind girl”, the youngest Ahidous band leader in Morocco

She flies over the wind in her traditional Moroccan selham in subtle moves that fits the echoes of the music rhythms of her folklore performance band of Ahidous,…


Youngest Moroccan Novelist Writes a Novel in Spanish at the Age of 12

La Esmeralda De La Verdad” (in English, The Jewel of Truth) is the name given….