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“Egypt’s Travelling Storyteller Brings Tales and Joy to the Countryside’s Children

Surrounded by children of all ages, with their eyes fixed on him, Haitham Shoukry, a young Egyptian storyteller, can make their imagination go wild with his charming words and captivating tales….


M. Salah: The world’s displaced children risk losing out on a quality education

Around the world, Covid-19 has closed schools and universities. It has emptied offices, hotels, stadiums, cafes, museums and cinemas – almost everywhere we used to gather….


Egypt: Two working children subjected to torture

The torture of two working children in Egypt has sparked fury among social media users, who called for immediate action against child abusers, local media reported….


Beauty is in the Details: Splendid Photos of Children from Egypt as Example

Hadeer Mohammed, 25 years old, has not studied photography; however, the spontaneity of the children she meets taught her a lot about taking splendid photos…


Egypt’s pottery-making village

Fayoum Oasis – Nothing around the small village of Tu­nis in Egypt’s Fayoum Oasis, 100km south-west of Cairo,…


Egypt launches program in search of the next Mo Salah

“The project aims to discover football talents at home with the expertise of specialists from England and the Netherlands,”…