Beauty is in the Details: Splendid Photos of Children from Egypt as Example

Hadeer Mohammed, 25 years old, has not studied photography; however, the spontaneity of the children she meets taught her a lot about taking splendid photos of their amazing world of artlessness.   

“Photography gave me the chance to be in direct contact with children’s artlessness, spontaneity, and internal beauty that appear clearly in the photos cameras take,” Hadeer told Tiny Hand. 

The young woman, whose major is social work, started developing this habit in a house based in Alexandria, Egypt. 

“I started to take photos of the kids of my relatives. Photography is my way to express my point of view about everything around me,” she added. 

What is more, catching kids with cameras has taught her a lot. “I learnt I should be patient to be able to deal with kids and feel genuinely happy with the tiniest blessing,” she explained. 

For her, taking photos of kids is extremely delightful because it is not just about taking photos. It also involves making friendship with them so that they can feel afraid no more of being in front of cameras. It is only when they feel quite comfortable that the kids can act spontaneously and “the result would be splendid”. 

“I told kids how important photos can be in documenting everything they do,” she pointed out. 

“I’m planning to carry out a photography project addressing violence against children because every child deserves to enjoy peace and safety,” she added.