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Heavy rain washed away their tent, He could do nothing but to sing

As we were walking around a refugee camp near Sarmada in rural Idlib after a tough rainy night…

In Morocco, Some children know nothing about what “school” means!

She gazed at a page in a book and put her little finger under words trying to do her best to spell them….

Two Children Suffer from Thalassemia: From Siege to Shelter

At war, survival is an impossible mission and a semi-impossible one for a besieged ill person….

His dream is to become a player like Ronaldo, A mine that stole the future of Yazan

The story began after ISIS operatives left Manbij at the end of 2016, and Yazan and his family moved to their homes and removed the weight and fatigue of camp life….

A Kid-Run Landfill

The landfill receives waste for free. The kids running it get money in exchange for collecting waste and selling it. …

Hazim The Little Blacksmith

People say: ‘Each person has his name share’…