Heavy rain washed away their tent, He could do nothing but to sing

As we were walking around a refugee camp near Sarmada in rural Idlib after a tough rainy night, we heard a singing voice coming from a tent in the camp. 

After searching around to identify the tent from which that sad voice came out, we found that it was Mohammed, an 11-year-old displaced child, who was forced to leave Sinjar with his family two years ago to move into this camp. 

Mohammed was singing, “I dream of going back home!” He spent a terrible night under heavy rain that was about to sweep away all what was there in their tent. Rainwater leaked into the heater and then moved inside the tent.

Syrian refugees suffer each winter due to the heavy rains and the poor condition of their tents which had been set up more than 8 years ago across most of the country and along the borders with Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.