In 10 “Love Letters”, Children from Syrian Camp Express Their Feelings

Everything is simple in Al-Hai Al-Tadmuri School (Tadmur District School) built from clay in the Rukban refugee camp, in southern Syria. 

Six classes, students’ seats, and the school uniform worn by 400 pupils — are all made out of clay. 

In spite of the simplicity of this school, which was once merely a tent, students’ dreams were big and wild.

We asked them to write down their dreams and express their feelings on paper. 

The result was the following spontaneous letters that are as sweet as those pupils are:

Ahmad/ 10 year

“I love my school. It only lacks a playground. It is also so cold in winter.

Everyone working at the school is part of my family; we all love each other.

This school is my second home, War took me far from my home and my school.

I miss my garden and the visits we used to pay to my grandpa’s house.

I wish I grow up to become a teacher to teach education-deprived children.”

Asmaa/ 13 year

“I wish the school was warmer, I long for my home and my school in Tadmur and also for my trips across the town market accompanying my mom.

When I grow up, I will become a teacher to help children learn reading and writing.” 


“My school is cold in winter; but, it is neat and tidy. It only lacks a playground and a water dispenser.

I wish I go home to Tadmur; I will be glad living there with my siblings and friends and continue my study.”

Aya/ 8year

“I dream of going back home to my house and toys.

After being displaced from my hometown, Tadmur, and getting to Rukban camp, I lost everything — my toys and my house, I used to have no toys until teachers at this school gave me one.”

Batoul/10 year

“I love my grandpa’s house. I wish I can visit him and play with my friends in the neighborhood where we used to live, in the town of Mahin, part of the Homs Governorate, in central Syria.

I love this school but I hate shivering with cold due to lack of heating.”

Hamza/ 10 year

“I dream of becoming a doctor.”

Raghad/ 7 year

“I love my school. Teachers here gave me a Barbie doll, I love colors pretty much.”

When I grow up, I shall become a teacher to teach students when I return to Tadmur.”

Solaf/ 11 year

“I dream of returning to my house together with my family; indeed, we have suffered a lot moving from one place to another, I wish I become an engineer to be able to build houses for the needy people.”

Shahed/ 10 year

“I feel bored and sad here; I miss my home in Tadmur and my toys, I love my home and I dream of returning to it. One day I will grow up to be a nurse to offer help to the world.”

Doha/ 9 year

“I miss watching TV shows. When I grow up, I will become an engineer.

I feel happy at this school; I play with my friends and learn lessons.”

Aysha/ 10 year

“I have many books but I have no toys; this makes me sad. I wish I had a Lulu Caty toy, I love drawing and reading. I dream of returning home after the war ends and becoming a teacher.”