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Child Sends out “Distress Call” on FB Seeking Aid for Villagers in Morocco

“It’s freezing over here. We’re in the mountain and the snowfall is heavy. I feel cold. I want you to bring me a coat, gloves and socks.” With these simple words, the child Abdul Salam was able to draw the Moroccan people’s attention to the miserable living conditions in his remote village. …

Sexually abused: The hidden meaning of children’s shapes and their scribbles

Your child’s quirky art isn’t just cute—science suggests that even the most bizarre depictions can have deep creative intention….

‘Our children die in our hands’: Floods ravage South Sudan

On a scrap of land surrounded by flooding in South Sudan, families drink and bathe from the waters that swept away latrines and continue to rise….

Child labor, toxic leaks: the price we could pay for a greener future

The battle to stave off Earth’s looming climate crisis is driving engineers to develop hosts of new green technologies. …

Why are teachers’ faces covered in stickers? To get kids engaged in remote school

Diane Moon tried everything she could think of to get her students to participate in virtual learning: random name calls, breakout rooms, competitions for extra credit, movement breaks….

Remote school is leaving children sad and angry

Her mother and sister rush in and ask what went wrong. Did the Internet go out again? Is her computer plugged in? Is the math too confusing? Sophia can’t really answer. …