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What Can you See?

Five million children were born during war in Syria, UNICEF reported. The actual number could be more or less than that, but in all cases, it is such a huge number….

Child Brides in War

In this interview with Tiny Hand, Nada alahdal took us on a tour into her life, starting from Zabid town, Al-Hudaydah city,…

You’re a Camp Child

What does it mean to live 360 days in a place having neither schools nor markets — literally nothing except dust, dirt, and of course, tents?…

Live with the refugees, don’t only listen to their stories

The details of the story were heard by the Bahraini volunteer Aisha Al-Sharbati from Sham’s grandfather and she promised to narrate to the whole world. …

A tiny hand smeared with black color: Oil community in North  Syria

A flame of fire appears on the far horizon. The closer you get to the hill the more flames that appear from among the trees with accompanying black smoke….

Bathing is a “luxury”!

Here in the northwestern Syrian, makeshift camps are lined up amid the fields or on the hillsides where you have to forget about the protective measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) against the new coronavirus.