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Buying a baby on Nairobi’s black market

Somewhere, Rebecca’s son is 10. He could be in Nairobi, where she lives, or he could be somewhere else. He could, she knows in her heart, be dead. The last time she saw him,…

Kenya’s child labour in “Sex” rises

The teenage girls cannot remember how many men they have had to sleep with in the seven months since COVID-19 closed their schools, or how many of those men used protection….

When a child becomes a star in social media: Relief Organizations and Humanitarian Aid to Only One Child

A year ago, and more particularly in March 2019, a relief organization recorded a video of the Syrian girl, Abeer Al-Muhammad, in which she spoke about her displacement with her family….

The Plight Of Yezidi Child Survivors Of Isis

Between 2014 and 2017 the armed group calling itself the Islamic State (IS) committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Yezidi community in Iraq. …

What Can you See?

Five million children were born during war in Syria, UNICEF reported. The actual number could be more or less than that, but in all cases, it is such a huge number….

Child Brides in War

In this interview with Tiny Hand, Nada alahdal took us on a tour into her life, starting from Zabid town, Al-Hudaydah city,…