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I Was and I Became


“Stolen Childhood: The Victims of “Legalized” Child Marriage in the Arab World”

Feeling helpless with tears pouring down her face, an Iraqi mother held her mobile phone and went live addressing the audience on social media, begging everyone to help her in her ordeal….

Children Behind Bars in Yemen

On Sunday, June 6th, at 9:30am, Mrs. Fadia – characters’ names have been ch anged to preserve their privacy – was standing in front of the gateway to a place she had gone a long way to reach. The gatekeeper inquired about the reason for her arrival and the purpose of entry while checking a plastic bag, on which a local company advertisement was printed, used for bringing some stuff for the visit….

Back from Death: Mumtaz, Her Little Girl Survive Myanmar Genocide

This is Mumtaz. She is a housewife and mother of four children. Among them is a sole girl, Razia….

Have you tried to make your life and the lives of children around you a “story”?!

A breeze blew turning the book page then came out a beautiful modest little girl. The smile never leaves her face. That girl grew up but she has never forgot that book with its different stories that taught her how to dream….

A Syrian Story: A documentary By Tiny Hand & Save The Children

a documentary following a generation of children who have grown up knowing only war….