Tiny Hand’s Award for reporters presenting distinguished stories

Tiny Hand
receives works from reporters specialized in covering children stories. 

The award will be distributed to three winners: the first best story winner will receive $300 plus the award shield; the second best story winner will receive $200 plus the award shield; and the third best story winner will receive the recognition shield.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. The story or press report must not have been published in other websites and it must be exclusive to Tiny Hand.

2. The components of the story must be complete and supported with photos and videos.

3. The story must involve real children in conflict and war zones.

4. Any story or press report that does not meet the previous requirements will be rejected.

5. All stories and reports will be published in both Arabic and English. They will be translated by our website.

6. Deadline for submission is 15/4/2021.

7. Whether your story shall win or not, by sending your press report or story, the website is authorized to use it on all its platforms in both English and Arabic.

How to Submit the Stories/Reports: 

You need to upload all the materials on either Google Drive or Dropbox, and then send the download link to the following emails:

[email protected] 

[email protected]

stories. For more information in this regard, visit the following link:

Winners’ names will be announced on 15/5/2021