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Stolen Moments of Joy in Gloomy Times

To be a Syrian boy or girl, of no more than ten years old, means that you were undoubtedly born in time of war, and have not the chance to enjoy many of childhood’s joys and games….

Muhammad Al-Asmar, Idlib’s Child Reporter, Nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize 2021

While shooting videos accompanied by the displaced camps’ children and drawing murals on the walls of schools and buildings, Muhammad Aziz Al-Asmar had never imagined being nominated for the “International Children’s Peace Prize 2021”, to be the only Syrian and Arab child nominee….

Displaced and Ill: A Yemeni Girl Helplessly Fights Epilepsy Without Medications

The scourge of Yemen’s war has gone far beyond anyone’s imaginations and has major effects on children and vulnerable groups….

“The Little Boatman: The Story of Malek, Syria’s Little Tourist Guide”

Not caring about his shoulder-length hair, Malek puts on a straw hat with red embroidery, with two wooden paddles in his hands, almost exceeding his height, yet he seems indifferent to this difference in size!…

Back from Death: Mumtaz, Her Little Girl Survive Myanmar Genocide

This is Mumtaz. She is a housewife and mother of four children. Among them is a sole girl, Razia….

The Little Yemeni Woodchopper: Not Only Wood but Also Dreams Are Axed

Young Khalid works as a woodchopper at a village in Haraz. His chops wood into small pieces from early morning till very late at night. After he finishes cutting the wood, his uncle starts collecting it to sell it in Sana’a. …