Simple way to encourage her kids to keep washing their hands

IT’S hard enough trying to remind our kids to wash their hands at the best of times – but since the coronavirus outbreak, parents have to be on them about it constantly.

Well if you’re struggling to convince your little ones to wash their hands throughout the day (or they’re simply forgetting), you might just want to give mum-of-three Nix Jayjay’s tip a go.

The mum, from Newcastle, has been drawing emojis on the back of her children’s hands every morning before they leave for school.

At the end of the day, Nix asks Hudson, nine, Maddox, seven, and Harper, three, to show her how much of the symbol they’ve washed off – and the kids have been loving the challenge.

She explained: “Harper had been given a stamp of the back of her hand at ballet, a kind of well done thing and I was washing it off, I just had a light bulb moment.

“It’s just something to make hand washing seem less like of a chore for them.”

Told the kids these have to be washed off by pick up today so I know they’re washing their hands. 🦠 🙂🙁🖤💩 🦠

Posted by Nix JayJay on Thursday, March 12, 2020