152 million child labor victims worldwide

Child labour victims number an estimated 152 million, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO)…


Hundreds of children rescued from ‘torture’ schools in Nigeria

The students had come to study the Koran. Instead, officials said, they faced beatings, shackles and dormitories that looked more like jail cells….


In pictures: The world’s largest refugee camp

It’s been over two years since violence in Myanmar saw over 745,000 Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh….


The world’s prettiest toys

You can say “yes” only if you saw before the toys of refugee children.


House’s Ceiling Might Collapse at Any Moment; We Will Stay Here Though

Hundreds of families in Al-Mutahaleq Al-Janubi, in Al-Bab city, in northern and eastern rural sides of Aleppo, occupy buildings which were demolished….


Children of war

children are the ones who paid the heaviest price of war