Girl asks for no gifts, receives surprising letters of thanks

Olivia Durphy did not ask for new clothes or the cool item on all of her friends list this holiday season. Instead she requested money to be donated to the ‘Buy A Tree. Change A Life.’ organization.

The organization specializes in helping homeless children in third world countries find housing, education, and warm meals

“They are able to have food and shelter now and that’s just the best thing,” said Durphy.

her mother Jessica wasn’t going to let her teen go completely gift less. 

She sent the organization a letter explaining what her daughter was doing and wanting to help. 

In turn the organization sent six letters written by girls in Cambodia who are using the resources Olivia’s donations went to. The girls wrote about how thankful they were and how their lives are better because of her heart for others.

To top it all off, the organization also invited Olivia to meet all the girls with a trip to Cambodia.

Olivia says she is excited to take advantage of the opportunity. She hopes her story will inspire others to donate to the organization.