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‘Don’t Cry … I’m Here’ dolls welcome arrived refugee

A Twin Cities nonprofit has, for the past 2 years, provided more than 500 newly arrived refugees and asylum-seeking children…

A father who considers educating his daughters a duty

Mia Khan travels 12 kilometers on a motorbike daily to get his daughters to school…

‘Sesame Street’ Is Launching A Show In Arabic To Help Refugee Kids

The International Rescue Committee and Sesame Workshop are teaming up on a major new effort to help Syrian refugee children,…

A mysterious sickness has killed nearly 100 children in India

Nearly 100 children have died this month in India from an illness….

Hundreds of children rescued from ‘torture’ schools in Nigeria

The students had come to study the Koran. Instead, officials said, they faced beatings, shackles and dormitories that looked more like jail cells….

An American nurse shocked by Rohingya testimonies

Refugees in the world’s largest Rohingya camp need not only physical treatment, but also psychological treatment.