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In pictures: The world’s largest refugee camp

It’s been over two years since violence in Myanmar saw over 745,000 Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh….

House’s Ceiling Might Collapse at Any Moment; We Will Stay Here Though

Hundreds of families in Al-Mutahaleq Al-Janubi, in Al-Bab city, in northern and eastern rural sides of Aleppo, occupy buildings which were demolished….

School Where Everything is Made of Clay

Everything is Made of Clay, Even Seats …. Tour with Students at Rukban Refugee Camp

Abandoned Room Turned into School

When We met Amira, a 7-year-old girl, in a school in southern rural Hama, battles had not yet become bitter and fierce…

In Gaza, We Love Life

Despite the challenges and circumstances faced by Gaza City due to the unlawful closure, the blockade…

In pictures: Anas the Shepherd

He runs quickly towards his mother repeating with difficulty the statement which he read on the wall of his school ‘Bags are yours and corpses are ours’. …