Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority Launches World Early Development “WED” Movement

The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority ECA has officially launched the World Early Development “WED” Movement

WED Movement 2021 program of work will lead to the holding of the first global forum for the WED Movement, which will be hosted by Abu Dhabi in November next for two days, coinciding with the World Children’s Day, and will review the developments that have occurred in the current year and developments related to the initiative.

The first edition of the initiative will focus on three topics: human technology for children to pave the way towards the fifth industrial revolution, and lifestyle in the twenty-first century to encourage children to adopt a better lifestyle that enhances their physical health and enables them to follow healthy eating patterns, in addition to emotional well-being and social interaction. To enhance emotional well-being and social interaction in children and those around them.

The Global Initiative for Early Childhood Development is supervised by knowledge innovation groups that include some of the best experts and innovators in the world, and members of Harvard University, the World Bank, YouTube and UNICEF, who will meet throughout the year to develop action plans and actions to be taken related to the early childhood development sector.

The initiative targets parents, children, partners, government policymakers, civil society, research entities, social investment funds and innovation centers in addition to the private sector to promote and develop the early childhood sector at the local and global levels, by embracing and implementing intervention strategies emerging from the program and applying them as well in any applicable context.