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“They Felt Like Celebrities”: Little Syrian Photographers from Shatila Camp

In over 15 photographs, an exhibition depicted the stories and dreams of little Syrian girls, one of them dreams of “a school so she can achieve her dreams”, and another shot a picture of cosmetics to depict her dream of becoming a hairdresser….


“The Call of My Heart”: Austrian Photographer Brings Aid and Joy to Syrian Refugee Children

The Caravan of Humanity, an Austrian non-government organization, brings aid, warmth and joy to Syrian refugee children in Lebanon before wintertime….


Underage marriages increase in Lebanon during pandemic

Aid groups in Lebanon say the country’s ongoing economic crisis, compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, is forcing more children into underage marriages….


Beirut, a month after the explosion, 87% of children need psychological support

Although a month has passed since the giant explosion in the port of Beirut, the psychological trauma of children in the most affected neighborhoods is still very much alive and deeply affects their daily lives. …