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Four children killed by explosive ordnance in Iraq

“Four children have died – three boys and one girl – and two children have been maimed over the last week, as a result of incidents related to explosive ordnances in two locations in Iraq….


Butterfly Effect: Iraqi Painters Transform Baghdad’s Forgotten Alleys Into an Open-Air Gallery

Natural landscapes, mosques with golden domes, and women and girls with beautiful big eyes are all scenes painted on the walls of Baghdad’s old city, created by professional painters, helped by talented children taking their first steps to accomplish their passion for art and murals….


Iraq: Children Forced To Live Among Corpse, Unexploded Bombs And Rubble After Camp Closures

Thousands of children and their families are forced to live in badly damaged houses in abandoned areas with unexploded bombs, dead bodies and rubble, after the sudden closure of several camps for displaced people in Iraq, Save the Children has witnessed….


Humanitarian Action for Children in Iraq

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq stems primarily from the 2014–2017 conflict, which led to the displacement of 6 million people. There has been a steady stream of returnees….


Mona Lisa of Mosul, Two photos telling two painful stories!

Three years separate two photos taken by the Iraqi photographer Ali Alfahdawi of an Iraqi child named Saba. The first photo was taken in March 2016 and the other at the beginning of 2020. …


The impact of explosive weapons on children in Iraq

The 21st century has been a tragedy for Iraq’s children. An entire generation of girls and boys have suffered violence, terror, poverty, and displacement….