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Indian young man teaches suburb kids impressive football tricks

An Indian young man, who studies medicine and practices football tricks, professionally teaches football to his suburb’s kids…


This village in India plants 111 trees every time a girl is born

The villagers of Piplantri plants 111 trees every time a girl child is born and the community….


Man sells cow to buy smartphone for online studies of his children

A poor man was forced to sell his cow, his only source of income, for Rs 6,000 “80 $” for buying a smartphone for online studies of his two children….


Indian state school has two teachers, a cook and one pupil

Each day that seven-year-old Janhavi Kumari arrives at school, her red bag slung over her shoulder…


Doctors rush to Indian town where children have been dying

India’s health ministry is rushing a team of pediatricians and other medical experts to a western Indian town…


A mysterious sickness has killed nearly 100 children in India

Nearly 100 children have died this month in India from an illness….