Syrian boy Wins YouTube Silver with less Than 100$, No Internet Connection

War circumstances in Syria in general and in the neighborhood where 17-year-old Ahmad Watad lives in particular have deprived him from continuing his education.

However, he turned his YouTube channel into a chance through which he expresses his thoughts in his own way. 

He has been publishing content on his channel over a year and a half. When his channel reached100,000 subscribers, he won the Silver Creator Award. 

Perhaps this piece of news could be regular news elsewhere.

But it cannot be regarded as simply regular news if it involves a boy who lives in the city of Aldana, administratively part of the Idlib Governorate. This is because Ahmad has neither a computer nor an internet connection and power cut is almost persistent in his neighborhood as a result of the war conditions.

Ahmad records videos using his cellphone the price of which does not exceed USD100 and he also uses it to edit his shots. 

Then comes the toughest part of his mission! It is: how can he upload his videos on YouTube?

“I usually spend a long time striving to get internet connection from my friends; and even after I get it, I have to wait for long for the videos to be successfully uploaded,” said Ahmad who currently works as a pâtissier. 

“This is what I call ‘an achievement’! I dream to attract more and more subscribers to my channel and I’m ready to do anything to ensure I can continue doing what I do and achieve what I aspire to achieve!” Watad added.

 Ahmad Watad


  1. زهراء | 25th Dec 19

    السلام عليكم فعلا. مبادرة رائعة تستحق الإشادة . لم أستطع تجاوزها دون التعبير عن شكري وتقديري وامتناني لكل القائمين عليها . و لا يسعني سوي أن أقول أن الجزاء الوحيد و الأوفر لناشري السعادة و راسمي الإبتسامات على وجوه من أنهكتهم ظروف الحياة هي ما يشعرون به من إطمئنان و سعادة و رضا جراء ما يقومون به . دمتم قمرا ينير عتمة ليالي هؤلاء الأبرياء و لكن فعلا اتمنى أن تصبح هذه المبادرة الرائعة حقا وسيلة للمساعدة الفعلية لهؤلاء فإن كان بالإمكان وصل هؤلاء الأبطال بالمحسنين يعني عن طريق حساب بريدي أو جمعية او منظمة ما .المهم قناة لإيصال الإعانات و المساعدات لهم و لما لا تحقيق بعض أحلامهم و طموحاتهم

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