“Sham” a short film produced by “Tiny Hand” is among the winners of the global “Sunhak Peace” Prize

Upon meeting with Tiny Hand, Aisha Al-Sharbiti, a Bahraini volunteer girl, narrated all what she encountered during her voluntary journey including the story of a little girl named “Sham”.

At that moment, Aisha promised Sham’s grandfather that the whole world will hear Sham’s story.

Today’s short film produced by “Tiny Hand” has been watched by thousands and shared on all social media platforms. And most recently, this film was among the winners of the “2020 Peace Motion Graphics Competition” in the field of medical care. 

The Sunhak Peace Prize, which seeks global peace achievement for the coming generations, has been originally established for eliminating suffering, handling destruction worldwide and shaping a comprehensive vision for a better future for all nations.

The story of “Sham” is about a little girl who left her homeland with her grandfather escaping the raging-on war. And during a sea trip by a boat from Turkey to Greece, the little girl losses the ability to speak after the boat’s owner, a refugee smuggler, throws an infant in the waters because it keeps crying. The full details are in this video narrated in both English:


and Arabic: 


And here is the full script of the meeting with the Bahraini volunteer, Aisha Al-Sharbiti.