Landfill collapse kills 3 children in Syria

On Monday, January 6, in the morning, five children went out of their homes in rural Idlib to look for valuable items amid the piles of trash such as pieces of plastic or metal to sell.  

But only two of them returned home! 

Three children were dead after they became trapped beneath the landfill in a tragic accident. The other two could run away and informed their families that the three children died as a result of trash falling on them.

Upon their arrival, the Civil Defense teams found the three children already dead as a result of suffocation under the trash. 

The landfill is surrounded by heights on all sides and is rife with big rocks that made it vulnerable to collapse. 

Around 4 million refugees live in Idlib countryside and a huge number of their children work in a variety of professions. The children collect plastic and copper items to sell them to people diving their cars around landfills in exchange for a handful of money.