Junior Sudanese Inventors, Youngest Aging 10

The participation of Sudanese children in the Arab Championship for Robots in 2019 marked only the starting point for the initiative of the junior inventors; therefore,

time has come to establish a distinguished team of Sudanese children to take part in all various tournaments and; above all, to qualify the greatest number possible of children in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

According to Muhammed Ali, who is one of the organizers of this initiative, the initiative focuses on “creating an engaging and educational environment in the electronics field in accordance with Steam Approach.” He told Tiny Hand that “Valley Technology, which is a company specialized in manufacturing electronic and industrial equipment in Sudan, is funding this initiative.”

The initiative includes nearly 600 children from the capital city of Khartoum whose ages range between 10 and 16 years. The children proved that each one of them “is creative and passionate, and despite the challenges and difficulties, tries to reach his or her goals with a high spirit and remarkable intelligence”, according to Muhammad. 

He added, “children are selected through an online application first, then they are tested to check their qualifications in the English language, knowledge in programming and electronics, capacity to comprehend lessons, and finally their intelligence level and educational achievements.” 

All the previous phases are supervised by a group of engineers, researchers and experts including “Muhammed Mahjoub Hussain, the CEO of the group and a holder of a patent in Engineering and Technology, Moaz Salah Ahmad, a graduate of Al Neelain University for Telecommunication and Khaled Hasan who seized the second position in the robotics competition in the Arab World.” 

There is an excellent relationship between the group members and the children. Muhammed said that every member in the group is characterized by “passion and high motivation in teaching and learning about electronics and in delivering any information that helps the team to be more and more successful.” 

According to Muhammed, the initiative of Let’s Innovate is the most distinguished up to present. It is a Sudanese initiative launched by some students from the University of Imam Mahdi. This initiative is for introducing a simplified content in innovation and invention in an attractive manner.

A piece of advice to all families in this regard:

“You should care for teaching your children programming and electronics because these fields are the essence of modern science and the tool by which nations and countries flourish and develop. Ensure the participation of your children in initiatives similar to this technology-related one.”