In Syria camp fearing coronavirus: Distance learning via WhatsApp

When local authorities closed schools and mosques in northwest Syria in recent weeks, Ahmed Hadaja volunteer Arabic teacher shifted to digital learning, trying to fill the education gap for his students who had already lost much to the conflict

 In the sprawling Atmeh camp near the Turkish border, he sends video lessons online via Whatsapp. 

Fewer than 730 ventilators and 950 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are available for more than 15 million children and their families in areas that are hard for aid agencies to reach in northern Syria,Save the Children is warning.

In North West Syria, there are a total of 153 ventilators and 148 beds in ICU, while nearly a million recently displaced people are living in overcrowded areas. In North East Syria, there are fewer than 30 ICU beds, only ten adult ventilators and just one paediatric ventilator.