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Syrian Children Become Victims of Sexual Harassment

This Investigative report was produced in collaboration with ARIJ

Syrian Children Become Victims of Sexual Harassment

Back from Death

Mumtaz, Her Little Girl Survive Myanmar Genocide….

My Story: This is Nour’s Story, Never try to hurt her

Watch this story from Syria….

Child Marriage in Afghanistan

“Many Afghan girls are not even informed when they will get married and to whom,” says Telma Azimi, a 24-year-old artist in Afghanistan….

Three-Kilometer Walk to School

The long way to school. Join the students in the daily long walk for a better future, Three-Kilometer Walk to School  in North Syria Put on the VR headset and join us….

A Little Girl’s Painting Diaries Put on your “Virtual Reality” headsets and watch:

This is a story of a little Syria girl lives in a refugee camp.