Parents Put Kids in Plastic Bags to Cross The River So They Can Go to School

Every morning these Vietnamese parents carefully enclose their son in a plastic bag so his dad can carry him across the river to school so he can stay dry, and after school his dad gets him home the same way.

In Huoi Ha village, Vietnam, parents have to place kids inside plastic bags so they can cross the raging river to go to school!

During dry season, the river is more manageable and dads work hard to build bamboo bridges that everyone can use to cross. But rainy season brings lots of waters into the river, often washing out the makeshift bridges.

In the past, the parents used rafts and small boats but the rapids are too much for the vessels and the kids get washed out. So, the parents found a way to safely bring the kids across using the plastic bags. It is inconvenient but has worked so well that it has become their primary mode of transporting the kids across the river.

Image credits: VOV