Desperate Aleppo residents seek refuge in schools after devastating earthquake

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, desperate residents of Aleppo seek refuge in schools as their homes lie in ruins…


Little boy draws hope in North West Syria

In this heartwarming story, a little boy in North West Syria inspires hope through his drawings amidst the turmoil and conflict in his community…


Jana: School was my escape, now I don’t have anywhere else to go.

Jana* lives with her parents and two brothers in a small one-bedroom apartment in northern Lebanon. Her father is the breadwinne…

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Tinyhand: won the Global Not-For-Profit/Charity Content Campaign Of The Year!

We thought that was a great cause with an inspiring story!…


Virtual Reality : The Football star

Not everyone watches the World Cup matches that are currently taking place in Qatar. This child, whose family does not have a television, is one of them. However, she has a great love for football and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Watch the full VR story with your headset or smart device….


4 actions to help end child labour and build a fair economy

Child labour is not just a historical problem but also an ongoing one. It is still depriving children of their childhoods, limiting their access to education, shortening their life expectancy, and perpetuating poverty….