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Tinyhand: won the Global Not-For-Profit/Charity Content Campaign Of The Year!

We thought that was a great cause with an inspiring story!…


Virtual Reality : The Football star

Not everyone watches the World Cup matches that are currently taking place in Qatar. This child, whose family does not have a television, is one of them. However, she has a great love for football and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Watch the full VR story with your headset or smart device….


4 actions to help end child labour and build a fair economy

Child labour is not just a historical problem but also an ongoing one. It is still depriving children of their childhoods, limiting their access to education, shortening their life expectancy, and perpetuating poverty….


Syrian girl who survived horrors of war crowned Arab Reading Challenge champion

A Syrian schoolgirl who survived a deadly missile attack during the civil war in her country has been crowned Arab Reading Challenge champion in Dubai….


Kind Hearts book is launched in Wexford Library where children recount life in Syria

We’ve become accustomed to seeing children arriving into this country from war-torn nations, grown used to images of terrified people seeking refuge in this safe-haven we have provided. But rarely do we see beyond those pictures, those snippets in time, each of them fading, merging into one as further conflict erupts in lands anew….


Syria: Back to school

Syria: Back to school …