Displaced children: The More Beautiful Characters!

Each of these children has his own story and, perhaps, one day he will tell it to his kids and grandchildren

. The cruel conditions they live in, including displacement and deprivation of education, have been engraved in their childhood memories. 

They look like the imaginary animated characters but their life conditions are completely different; the bright colors we see on T.V. monitors have turned into gloomy, dull images in real world.

More than 500,000 children have been displaced by intense violence in northwest Syria since 1 December 2019, with tens of thousands of children and their families now living in tents and in the open air amid very cold weather and rains.

Since the beginning of the year, 77 children were verified killed or injured* due to the escalation of violence in the area. According to Unicef.

The situation in the northwest is untenable, even by Syria’s grim standards,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director. “Children and families are caught between the violence, the biting cold, the lack of food and the desperate living conditions. Such abject disregard for the safety and wellbeing of children and families is beyond the pale and must not go on.”